The Show.


The show “WHO’S BAD?” celebrates the unique phenomenon and legend Michael Jackson - the sensational and thrilling tribute makes his greatest hits and his distinctive dance style a real experience live on stage.

“WHO’S BAD?” is presenting a two-hour hit special to the audience in a class of its own. A perfectly staged music and show spectacle with more than 18 excellent dancers, singers and musicians brings the most successful pop performer of the music history back to stage again.

Not only the ensemble but also the audience gets the unique opportunity to pay their last respect to the “King of Pop”. This show is ought to keep the memory of Michael Jackson as a live event.

The idea behind the show about the pop legend Michael Jackson is a live concert that follows the models “ABBA – The Show”, ABBA Mania”, “Beatlemania” or “One Night of Queen”. The producers of “WHO’S BAD?”, Werner and Oliver Forster are not unknown to the scene. Shortly after the turn of the millennium they were fore runners for showing hit musicals like “She loves you” and “We are the champions” in the German market in terms of so called tribute shows. They opened a completely new market for these shows. Way before musical bestsellers like “Mamma Mia” or “We will rock you” were shown in Germany, the two producers from Passau conquered the European musical stages with their Beatles and Queen musicals.

Oliver Forster, co-producer and organiser of innumerable big events (i.a. Afrika! Afrika!, André Rieu, Chris de Burgh, Joe Cocker, Backstreet Boys) is an avowed Michael Jackson fan and watched the original live performance three times.

“Although Michael Jackson can never again be reached by us, we want to come very close to the icon with our show. With a sensational stage setting, spectacular show effects, impressive dance choreography and more than 150 elaborated costumes we want to create a pure goose flesh feeling “, said Oliver Forster.

The King of Pop’s very special dance style is his distinctive trade mark. He was one of the first artists who was unbelievably creative and worked a lot on performing his music videos – especially the 18-minute “Thriller-Video” with the world famous creepy zombies was debuting on telling video stories in one piece. To show how important the video plots were to the “King of Pop” is the fact that he hired film director Martin Scorcese to direct the video for the “Bad” single.

That is especially the “WHO’S BAD?” producer team’s ambition to show and memorize these distinctive dance scenes live on stage to pay tribute to the uniqueness of the “King of Pop”.

Experience the incomparable performance of superlatives on stage. Experience “WHO’S BAD?” and the greatest Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 hits live in your city for the first time.